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9 Prophetic Hindrances

9 Prophetic Hindrances

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Everyone has their kryptonite.

It’s the thing the devil uses against you to make you fall. This is especially true for prophets. In this series, be the hero, not the kryptonite. Learn 1 out of the 9 weaknesses prophets face and how you can overcome it by obeying God and leaning into His Spirit.

Recognize the signs of an attack from the enemy. React with power and authority to remove his grip on your prophetic anointing

Teaching in this series

  • Offense: How the Devil Seeks to Disable the Prophet

  • How to Get Over Fear Fast

  • Have You Fallen Prey to Bitterness?

  • Self-Importance: How Satan Undermines Prophetic Worshipers

  • Assumption: How Satan Cripples the Prophetic Leader

  • A Three-Step Cure to Destroy Self-Pity

  • Guard Yourself Against Inaction

  • Blind trust: Why believing in the wrong person endangers your prophetic anointing

  • Depression: the #1 killer of your prophetic anointing

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