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Dealing with Templates and Triggers

Dealing with Templates and Triggers

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There are many templates, the stumbling blocks of your life - identify them and move on to success today!

When negative templates and triggers are not recognized and dealt with, you will find yourself being trapped as that eight-year-old girl, that hurt and abandoned child, or that awkward teenager for the rest of your life!

Not very nice roles to be stuck in when you are trying to rise up as a confident leader, or simply a good Christian! What are templates and triggers? In short, they include the bad habits, programmed responses, and sinful responses that you have built your life upon.

When a situation triggers these responses, you WILL indeed find yourself reverting to the old man. You can count on it! However, there is hope. By the end of this message, you will be able to identify the templates and triggers in your life that have stood in your way. You will know how to deal with them and be set free of them, forever! It’s time to leave the old man in the grave, once and for all!

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