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Dreams and Visions Student Manual

Dreams and Visions Student Manual

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There are secrets in your dreams. The Lord is trying to speak to you, and as a prophet, these messages are clearer and more frequent. Going way beyond just simple dream interpretation, Apostle Colette Toach teaches you how to minister using dream interpretation by the spirit.

You will go beyond just understanding your own dreams, as she will divulge everything she has learned in how to interpret for others. Imagine that you are sitting relaxed in your lounge, while she shares with you everything you are likely to face and how to deal with it, when it comes to dream interpretation.

With this kit, you will gain a new understanding of not only your dreams, but of the Lord Himself.

What You Will Find in This Manual:

  • Manual (164 pages)
  • 13 Lessons Course (446 Minutes of content)
    • Lesson 1: Dream Categories and the Prophet
    • Lesson 2: Getting Prophetic Dreams Straight
    • Lesson 3: Application of Dream Interpretation
    • Lesson 4: Learning to Flow in the Spiritual Gifts
    • Lesson 5: The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in Visions
    • Lesson 6: Flowing in Visions in Personal Ministry
    • Lesson 7: Flowing in Visions Publicly
    • Lesson 8: Identifying Deception
    • Lesson 9: How to Address and Handle Deception
    • Lesson 10: Interpreting Symbols in Dreams
    • Lesson 11: Interpreting Symbols in Visions
    • Lesson 12: Interpreting for Others Effectively
    • Lesson 13: The Gift of Discerning of Spirits
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