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Dreams and Visions Symbol Dictionary

Dreams and Visions Symbol Dictionary

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Your Websters-Dictionary for Dreams

Every symbol in your dream has meaning. Objects, animals, vehicles, and people all have a purpose in God’s message to you. There are over 700 symbols in this dictionary, all backed by scripture. You won’t need to search the word for the symbols in your dreams anymore. Apostle Colette Toach has compiled them all together for you in one book.

This is bible based dream interpretation that is guaranteed to reveal what God is saying to you. Each symbol includes a scripture reference, the positive meaning of your dream, the negative, as well as basic instructions on how to act on the dream meaning.

Here are common symbols that you’ll discover the meaning for:

  • Your parents

  • Children

  • Pet/Animals

  • Spouse

  • Cars/Houses

  • Different kinds of snakes, insects

  • Colors

  • Numbers

  • Giving birth

  • Clothes

  • Fighting/ weapons

Jesus has a message for you. Pick up this book to find out what it is!

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