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Essentials For The New Move Series

Essentials For The New Move Series

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Life. It is so complicated and annoying sometimes. You do what you are told but still don't get the prize. You put your faith out there, but nothing comes of it. You ask for you heart's desire but don't get it. You want to be accepted and loved, but no one cares about you. Why is that?

Maybe it is because you are forgetting some of the essentials of life?

How can you get the prize if you did not do the job properly? How can you shoot your arrow if you have no bow? How can you shoot the target when there is no target? And how can people love and accept you if you do not love them in turn?

These are just a few of the points that you will discover in this series. We go through life not knowing these essentials and then cannot understand why we do not get the blessing, desires, and love we want.

So, stop and listen as you get equipped with the essentials of life that will shape, change, and create a whole new you. In this series, you will learn:

  • How what you love shapes you into what you are

  • How your faith is a weapon that can hit any target

  • How your hope is the target that will give you your desires

  • How obedience to the Lord will give you the ultimate blessings


These are just the main points that you will discover. If I get started on the other benefits, we will be here all day. So, grab hold and listen and receive as Apostle Colette Toach equips you with the tools to face life on GOD's terms and YOUR terms, and not the enemy's. 

1. The Law of Obedience - The Secret to Wealth and Success
2. Hope - The Power of Focus
3. Progressive Faith - The Power to Make Things Happen
4. Love - Empowered to Change

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