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Fivefold Ministry Progression

Fivefold Ministry Progression

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The perfect start to your fivefold ministry call.

Identify your God-given gifts for serving the church and then mature into your fivefold ministry calling. Make steady progress toward your goal to become a fivefold minister. Master the skill sets necessary for your ministry.

Apostle Colette Toach has trained Christians for 25 years to recognize their spiritual gifts and fivefold ministry destinies. However big the promise/vision God's given you, it starts with this strong foundation. You’ll learn:

  • Your core purpose and calling for what you've been put on this earth for.

  • How God uses you today and how to progress forward.

  • The difference between fivefold ministry and fivefold office.

  • The body ministries and the importance of serving.

This foundational teaching has been used to help churches around the world equip their members for service. Every pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist and apostle has a specific function in the body and this book will help you discover exactly what that is.

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