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Fivefold Ministry Progression Workbook

Fivefold Ministry Progression Workbook

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Identity is the biggest crisis we have in the church today.

Many come to the open doors of the body of Christ searching for that one thing that makes them unique and thankfully they have come to the right place! However... are we as a body helping them fulfill the calling on their life?

It is time to start giving the body of Christ the identity they so desperately crave! The time of a leader and his followers has come and gone! No! We need leaders who boldly stand up behind their pastors supporting them! We need leaders who build up behind their apostles and who catch the fire of their mandate. We need leaders who will take care of the church ether that is inside of a building or out on the streets!

Stop wandering around in the wilderness hoping to hit the mark of your identity and discover who God created you to be, within the pages of this book.

It is time to discover who it is that Jesus wants you to be, it is time to see for yourself the seed that He planted with in you while you were still in your mothers womb. You have a place! You do belong! You are not lost you are just misdirected!

Let this workbook affirm you in who you are as Jesus sits besides you and points out your identity to you! Pastor's lead your church with this workbook and give each one of your congregation a place to belong and gift that they can offer back to the body of Christ. Apostles, teach your team the meaning of ministry by refreshing them in the building blocks of leadership. Teachers, learn how to structure your lessons catch the anointing of an apostolic teacher!

This workbook is filled with chapter upon chapters of incredible projects that are so far outside of the box they revolutionize teaching! Let's just throw out multiple choice questions and let's bring in some exercises that prove you have already been fulfilling your call! Don't believe me? Just do the first project in this workbook and discover how the Lord has naturally equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your ministry.

The call is progressive and by the time you have finished this workbook you will not doubt what God wants you to do. You will know your direction and you will hold a gift in your hand that you can offer to your leader, the church, and the Lord Himself!

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