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God’s Word for 2020

God’s Word for 2020

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The Foundation you laid last year is the one that you will build on for 2020!

The Lord is not doing something new! You didn’t go through all that work so that your process could be rebooted. You didn’t spend all of that time learning so that the lessons you learned could be forgotten. You didn’t fight all that time to build something of value so that this year God could tear it down. NO! God is not doing something new. He is continuing the good work He started through you until it is complete and lacking no good thing!

The temple of Solomon took years to build. It was not a quick work! Although David had the blueprints his hands were stained with blood and could not build the Lord’s temple. The Lord had to raise up Solomon and arrange the circumstance so that he could build the temple and make sure every detail was as the Lord wanted it to be.

If it took that much time for the Lord to build up a temple made of stone and wood how much more time will He take to invest into a vessel of flesh and blood where He dwells every day? 2020 is not a year of something new, it is a year dedicated to finishing the next leg of the race so that God can make us perfect in every last detail.

Listen as Apostle Colette shares the revelation that the Lord has given her for the year 2020 and get ready to run the next part of your journey!

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