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Heal The Broken Hearted

Heal The Broken Hearted

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The secret to your total healing is to let God arrange it. So many times you’ve tried to heal it yourself and you never quite felt the wound heal. But today you will learn how God heals through the power of circumstances.

Let God heal you from the memories of your past. The times that you were powerless, out of control, and didn’t receive what every person should have received. This wound will be healed. It needs to be healed. It holds you back from fulfilling your full purpose.

In this teaching Apostle Colette shows you why this hurt has remained with you and how you can heal from it. By the time you finish this message you will know how God will make you whole again and how you can help others.

Here is what you will learn

  • How minister as one set fee

  • How the hurt formed and why it’s still effecting you

  • How God brings total healing to hurts from the past

Overcome your hurts and be a better minister. Get back to the original character God gave you.

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