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How Illustrations and Storytelling Engage Your Audience

How Illustrations and Storytelling Engage Your Audience

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Scripture has kept our interest for thousands of years. So is it any surprise that if you take a page from the good book you will make your preaching stick? This message will give you the secrets to bringing that “mic drop” next time you stand to teach.

Does Your Message Stick?

I Have Preached Hundreds Of Sermons Through The Course Of My Ministry And It Might Shock You To Know That… Anointing Is Not Enough! It Takes More Than Being Called Or Anointed To Reach God’s People. It Takes The Ability To Present That Anointing That Brings Engagement!

So allow me to take you on yet another journey. Our travels will find us at the feet of Jesus as He is stuck between an adulteress and the Pharisees. John weaves a story that has been repeated for thousands of years. Could your last preach claim the same fame?

There is always another level to go when presenting the treasure God has given to you. So join me as we dive into sharpening your preaching skills and… well… having some fun along the way! This is a message on illustrations and storytelling after all. So come ready to learn and be inspired.

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