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How to Get People to Follow You

How to Get People to Follow You

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There's a strong leader inside of you - One who's admired loved and sought out.

I believe that you can become the type of leader who breeds a culture of loyalty and constructs a gifted team with tight-knit unity. A place where every member flourishes in their unique abilities and grows under your care because they believe in your vision and will give all they have to support it.

I also believe you can have uncompromising faith in the unique message God's given you causing your reputation to grow with leaders and your ministry to reach nations across the world. You can and will be satisfied with the leadership legacy you leave behind.

In this book, Apostle Colette Toach gives significant leadership truths from the bible and personal experience. You'll discover how to become a better spiritual leader, capable of leading a fivefold ministry team on an international level.

Christian leaders who are hungry for an example of biblical leadership will enjoy these principles. Follow along as she takes lessons from leaders in the Word and applies them to your life.

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