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Mentorship 101

Mentorship 101

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How to Be a Great Christian Mentor Whose Disciples Change the World and Honor God With Their Lives

Jesus called each of His disciples in the same way. He had clear boundaries of what He expected of them and what they could expect from Him. Because of this, He created the most effective mentees the world had ever seen. His mentorship guidelines are available to you and laid out clearly in this book.

Apostle Colette Toach is one of the church’s experts in fivefold ministry leadership. In this book, she builds your knowledge of the necessary requirements for a healthy and fruitful mentorship relationship. These clear-cut instructions remove the unnecessary drama of mentorship and bring out the best in your disciple. You'll discover:

  • The role of the disciple and how they must conduct themselves for a double portion of the anointing

  • What God expects of the mentor and their reward

  • How to call someone into mentorship and lay out a clear structure to follow

  • The difference between a mentor and a pastor and why you need to decide which one you are

  • How to train a fivefold minister: Specific guidelines for prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and apostles

  • How to bring correction that produces fruit and sets your disciple free

  • How to bring healing to your disciple and impart your spiritual DNA/ anointing to them

  • When it's time to cut ties and let them go in grace

In order to become the best version of themselves, Christians need a qualified coach to take them through. Using this highly effective guide, you’ll train many to be skillful warriors for the Kingdom of Heaven.

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