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Next Gen Power Bundle

Next Gen Power Bundle

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Next Gen Prophets Power Bundle

“It’s not an age group - it’s a mindset!”

We are a prophetic generation. Everyone has a word, a vision and a dream to share. So, what’s left for the prophet?

The answer: Mandate. Assignment. A heart that causes hell to freeze over.

What makes you, you - your desire to change the world! Filled with affirmation of the fire that burns in you, discover your tribe and spiritual DNA in this bundle. Shake off the old garments of yesterday’s prophet. Next Gen and morph into Today’s Prophet. One who builds like a boss, can work well with any leader, and be known by excellence! What makes a Next Gen mindset? Here are 7 audio messages you need to hear.

This includes 7 hours of audio from Parents to the Prophets, Apostles Craig and Colette and the NextGen Prophets.

1. Prophetic Types by: Apostle Colette and Prophet Deborah-Anne Velthuysen (Florida) (1:09 mins)

What’s in this message:

  • There are 8 different prophetic types - which one are you?
  • Pin-point your unique prophetic mandate
  • Different pressures for different prophetic types. God shapes you for your mandate. Identify the pressures that shape you and embrace it.

2. New Testament Culture by: Apostle Colette (58 mins)

What’s in this message:

  • The biggest influencer to culture? Peers, not leaders. You have the power to change the atmosphere in your group. You decide the culture. You decide the environment. Learn how to cultivate culture and create a community of success.
  • Apostolic teams don’t spring up overnight. Discover the core values that make one and keep one intact.
  • T.R.E.A.T. - The code of honor worn on every Next Gen Prophet. This is how you know a Next Gen warrior.

3. Gifts of the Spirt vs. The Prophetic Call by Apostle Colette and Prophet Deborah. (55 minutes)

What’s in this message:

  • Identify the difference between prophetic ministry and prophetic office
  • Prophetic office is not about the gifts of the Spirit, but about the character of the prophet
  • Identify the HEART of the prophet - How do you gauge?
  • What should you be doing?
  • Identify your unique mandate

4. B.R.A.G. The 4 Leadership Qualifications by: Teacher Jessica (39 minutes)

What’s in this message:

  • How to know when you qualify for fivefold ministry leadership
  • Don’t skip your process - what leadership training looks like and why you need it
  • B.R.A.G. Learn what God expects from you, as a prophet in office

5. God’s Word for 2022 by Apostle Colette Toach (51 minutes)

What’s in this message:

  • God knows who you are, but do YOU know who you are?
  • Your process is for YOU
  • You didn’t miss God! Why you are on the right track.
  • Reasons why God holds you back - it’s not what you think!

6. Your call to the Fivefold, Not the Onefold by Michael Velthuysen (30 mins)

What’s in this message:

  • Solo-player: The anti Next Gen DNA
  • Identify the solo mentality in you
  • How to work with a team
  • Hurdles to overcome when you join a team

7. Your position in Christ vs. Your experience in Christ by Apostle Craig (1:05 mins)

What’s in this message:

  • How to take up your call to be an ambassador of Jesus - light to the world
  • How to leave your old kingdom mindset for your NEW Kingdom culture
  • Why your old man still has control and how to overcome
  • How to experience blessing and favor in Christ

8. Respect and Honor - Core Values of NextGen DNA by Dalton (33 mins)

What’s in this message:

  • How to serve under any leader
  • Stop waiting to honor until people deserve it
  • Character will get you further than anointing
  • Why structure is godly
  • Next Gen mindset
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