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Pastoral Training Series

Pastoral Training Series

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Approximately 4 hours of teaching

One of the most amazing attributes of the pastor is the supernatural love that he has for the flock. He knows each one by name and he puts them above himself. The prophet may be full of passion and power, but it is the pastor who will be there with you when you are facing the Goliath in your life.

He is your JOHN who consoles you when you are hanging on the cross. When there is nobody left, he remains by your side.

That is the glory that is put in the pastor and if God has called you to be such a leader, then you can be sure that the training will come to mold this kind of supernatural heart into you.

You will discover that this kind of love is not natural, but it takes an anointing to walk out the pastoral ministry.

What You Will Discover In This Series:

  • Nobody is born this kind of leader, it takes training!

  • What it costs to reach pastoral office

  • The pastor is both the lion and the lamb

  • The purpose of your training: to look like Christ

  • Pastoral training is one of the most transforming trainings of the fivefold!

Pastoral Training will answer your questions as to why your training has not taken off, what it will take, and the goal to the deaths, the dealings, and the stretching in your life. Get a full picture of what you are supposed to look like!

1. Getting on Board With Pastoral Training
2. The Pastor's Heart
3. Why we Love the Pastor-Teacher
4. The Lion and the Lamb

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