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Persistent Prayer

Persistent Prayer

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When God says YES but the devil steals your promise.

We all pray for our families, responsibilities, and goals. For us prophets, it's our food. But, what happens when we pray hard in the spirit, knowing that Jesus gave us His blessing, and nothing comes to pass? Who's to blame?

There's a prayer process that happens the moment you speak to God. The enemy knows about it and it's how he's able to intercept your answered prayers. Now it's your turn to discover the process so you can protect your prayers until they manifest in the earth.

In Persistent Prayer - Angels and Demons at Work, best-selling author, Apostle Colette Toach, teaches you how prayer works from beginning to end. You learn:

  • The power of making a connection with the Lord.

  • How the Father receives your prayers and covers them with fire and power before sending them back to you.

  • How demons hinder prayers, and strategies to remove their demonic influence.

  • Your God-given authority to command angels to fight on your behalf even when you're not praying.

  • The connection between successful prayers and the battle between angels and demons.

  • 5 rules for intercession that guarantee results.

This book stirs up your prophetic anointing! Every armor bearer, prophetic leader, prayer group, and prophet needs to master this prayer process! You’ve never known success in prayer at this level.

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