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Practical Prophetic Ministry

Practical Prophetic Ministry

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This Book Will Launch You Into Prophetic Training

This Is Your Prophetic Mentor In A Book

Unfolded step by step, you will have someone along the way telling you what to avoid, what to embrace and most importantly...what to do next along your prophetic journey.

From Worm to Butterfly: The Metamorphosis of a Prophet

The Prophet is one who knows all about rejection and going against the grain. He rocks the boat and doesn't always fit in. Nevertheless, God plucks this "black sheep" and transforms him into a mighty warrior. Follow along, mark where you are at, and see what is up ahead for you on this journey.

Not only will you learn how to hear His voice, you will also be able track where you are in your prophetic process. Are you in the preparation phase? Or have you entered into the last leg of the race that will usher you into standing in the fullness of prophetic office?

Move Through The Stages Mapped Out In This Book Quickly As You Learn To:

  • Identify your prophetic call and preparation clearly

  • Flow in the prophetic gifts and sidestep deception completely

  • Find out why your mandate begins face-to-face with Jesus

  • Move from "I think I might be a prophet" to being anointed and appointed as one in Prophetic Office!

Practical Prophetic Ministry is your guide along this journey. Taking you through training and pointing out the way you need to go, it is a must if you have a prophetic calling.

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