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Progressive Faith - The Power to Make Things Happen

Progressive Faith - The Power to Make Things Happen

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Have you ever played paintball? When you shoot and that paintball hits the target, this is what faith looks like. Faith is the action we take in order to reach our goal. Hope was your target and now you need faith to reach it.

We all know that faith is an action. However, we don't really know how to "take" that action. Apostle Colette sat us all down and showed us how to take that action, and what we needed to do in order to "use" our faith and "shoot" it at our targets.

In this message you will discover:

  • The power to make things happen
  • How to reach your goal
  • Faith is a force
  • Faith does not come from the Word
  • Faith is an action

Without works, faith is dead. So how do we do these works? It is actually very simple - what has God told you to do? If He has told you to do something, do it, and you will discover that faith comes a little bit easier in standing in God’s strength and not your own.

We all think that in order to do works, we must “do” something or “minister.” But the truth of the matter is, “we” do not need to do anything. All we need to do is trust in God and do what He told us to do and in doing so we will have our faith.

So, come along and join us, hear what God has decided to share in this awesome message preached by His powerful minister Colette Toach and see your target hit and the blessing provided.

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