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Prophetic Counter Insurgence

Prophetic Counter Insurgence

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The words "insurgent" (someone who engages in armed resistance to a government or to the execution of its laws - rebel) and "counter" (to make a statement or take an action to refute, oppose, or nullify another statement or action) are the key phrases to COIN warfare.

In Prophetic Warrior, we learned what tools we have at our disposal in spiritual warfare, what we are facing, and how to combat it. However, it is now time to become an expert at espionage. It is time to take the fight to the enemy, take all the attack satan was going to use to hurt you to take down the kingdom of God, and turn it all against him!

In this book, you will be shown the secrets to COIN warfare. Learn all about the "prophetic super spy", discover strategies that can be used in spiritual warfare, receive stealth training, find the secrets to dealing with fear of the mind and where spiritual warfare begins and ends.

It is time to become an agent of Christ, capable of striking down the enemy at any time, in any place, and wherever the Lord calls for it. It is time to take the crippling blows of the enemy and turn them into deathly blows of destruction.

You are called to so much more than just "a prophet". You are called to be a "counter-insurgent", and it is time to discover what that truly means.

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