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Prophetic Essentials

Prophetic Essentials

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Discover Your Way to Prophetic Office!

In this book, you will find out that the call of the prophet goes far deeper than the functions and duties that the prophet fulfills. Anyone flowing in prophetic ministry can carry out tasks similar to the prophet.

However, what is it about the prophet that stands in office that is so different? Why is it that you must go through such an intensive training and many years of preparation for the journey that the Lord has ahead?

What you will soon find out and experience for yourself, just to name a few things, is:

  • You will enter into a face-to-face relationship with Jesus

  • You will become a different person

  • You will walk in a higher level of authority

  • You will be accountable for the condition of the Church

  • You will stand on the wall and protect the work of God

  • You will undergo surgery to make sure that what you speak is what God speaks

If it burns in you to pay any price that is necessary and to stand up and break down the barriers between the Lord Jesus and His Bride, then my friend, you have picked up the right tool that will confirm the fire in your belly and the call of God on your life.

If you go through the pages of this book, you will no longer see prophecy and prophetic ministry as the beginning and end of the prophetic call. You will cross a threshold and be thrust into the fullness of the call and responsibility of God's true prophet.

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