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Prophetic Field Guide Series

Prophetic Field Guide Series

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Welcome to your prophetic call.

A power-packed series that is transforming the call and lives of prophets around the globe. This series is geared towards prophets with a conviction of their call and ready to embrace the responsibility of prophetic office. As such, the teaching is direct, practical and does not sugarcoat the realities of your process as a prophet.

In addition to imparting the knowledge you need to understand your call, each book is a training tool. Consider Apostle Colette your personal trainer as she takes you through your paces towards prophetic office.

It is time for you to embrace the call on your life, and this field guide is here to do just that. Are you ready to receive the training and the mentoring you need to become the prophet God has called you to be?

Apostle Colette will break down her journey for you. With a balance between prophetic impartation and solid teaching, you will turn each page having received a new piece of armor

For those enrolled in Fivefold Ministry Campus, this series is the required textbook material for the following courses:

  • Prophetic Foundation
  • Prophetic Operations
  • Prophetic Training
  • Prophetic Warfare
  • Prophetic Office
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