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Prophetic Functions

Prophetic Functions

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A Guide to Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit - the Do's and Don'ts

God wants to use you to speak to His people. You’ll do that through the gifts of the Spirit. In Prophetic Functions, you learn how to operate in these gifts and be sensitive to how the Lord wants you to express His message.

You'll to learn:

  • The importance of faith and having a relationship with Jesus

  • 7 ways to hear the Lord's voice

  • How to receive and interpret dreams and visions

  • How to prophesy accurately and in season

  • How to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit 24/7

  • How to position yourself to hear God's audible and still small voice inside of you

  • How to speak in tongues (prophetic utterance) and interpret the message

Every chapter is easy to understand and supported by the Word. Apostle Colette Toach shares her personal experiences as a trainer of prophets and spiritual mother to many with prophetic gifts. Be prepared to live and experience the supernatural like never before. This is your training guide to the prophetic.

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