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Prophetic Key

Prophetic Key

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How does a prophet reach Prophetic Office?

There’s a qualifying process that all prophets must go through before God trusts them with the highest level of prophetic authority. This book explains the process to receive the authority you need to fulfill your purpose in the church.

Amid training hundreds of prophets Apostle Colette recognized a recurring pattern.

The Lord would place a golden key into a prophet’s hands. Soon after that prophet would endure trials, character shaping, mindset renewing, and a breaking of their natural strengths. Then their anointing was released, their authority increased, and God gave them greater responsibilities in the church.

Great prophets go through this process and it's the path that the Lord has you on, too. Get answers to your questions as you learn about:

  • What qualifies you for Prophetic Office.

  • Major tests and solutions to pass them with grace.

  • What does the authority of a prophet in office look like?

  • How do you operate in the anointing once you receive your prophetic key?

  • How to minister inner healing and serve the church to a greater degree.

  • The importance of the laying on of hands and how God and man must release you into this position

Reach prophetic maturity faster as you learn from Apostle Colette Toach’s 25 years of training prophets to reach prophetic office.

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