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Prophetic Office Student Manual

Prophetic Office Student Manual

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Before you lie the gateway into the fullness of your prophetic calling.

Until now, it has been all about you - your training, your maturity, and your walk, but now it is time to discover just how much effect you have on the Church and those around you.

You, Prophet of God, are a gift to His people and they need you now more than ever. Many people have gaping, bleeding hearts and they are crying out for someone to save them. It is up to you to introduce them to the one person who can do just that - Jesus.

It is time to use the anointing within you to bring healing to past hurts. It is time you learn to counsel by the Spirit, and make sure your marriage is in order so God can send you out to the nations.

Are you ready for the final piece of your calling? Because, in this manual, you will find:

  • Projects designed to not only change you but also give you the tools to minister to God's people
  • Study aids that will help you get the most out of your Carmel experience
  • Puzzles to help you remember important points from the teaching
  • And much, much more!

Your prophetic office is before you, and it is time to see if you have everything you need before you take the final step into the prophetic office.

What You Will Find in This Manual:

  • Manual (177 pages)
  • 12 Lessons Course (309 Minutes of content)
    • Lesson 1: Prophetic Ministry versus Prophetic Office
    • Lesson 2: The Prophetic Child
    • Lesson 3: Marriage and Your Prophetic Ministry
    • Lesson 4: The Prophet in the Local Church
    • Lesson 5: The Prophet in the Universal Church
    • Lesson 6: The Prophetic Key
    • Lesson 7: When and Why You Receive the Prophetic Key
    • Lesson 8 Prophetic Rejection
    • Lesson 9: Using Prophetic Rejection
    • Lesson 10: Using the Prophetic Anointing
    • Lesson 11: Ministering to Others Using the Anointing
    • Lesson 12: Counseling Prophetically


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