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Prophetic Training Student Manual

Prophetic Training Student Manual

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Welcome, Prophet of God, to Boot Camp!

This is where your mettle is tested! You see, you have been called to fight in a very real war, and this is your season of boot camp. This is where you are chosen.

Boot camp is defined as, "A military training camp for new recruits, with very harsh discipline, to prepare for deployment." It is time to be trained in discipline, and the rules of war.

Before you can step foot on the battlefield, you need to know how to navigate that battlefield, how to take orders, and to follow them to the fullest extent. Most importantly, you need to know where your weaknesses lie so you can turn them into strengths that the enemy cannot use against you.

So, your prophetic training has begun, and it is not pretty, but it is not meant to be "pretty." Rather, it is meant to be messy so that you can be made into a true soldier who is prepared for anything. The best soldier is someone who can face the pressure around them, allow them to make (rather than break) them, and turn the situation around on the enemy.

That is what this manual will do. This manual is here to take you through your boot camp training as painlessly as possible, while still equipping you into the powerful warrior you are meant to be. 

What You Will Find in This Manual:

  • Manual (184 pages)
  • 14 Lessons Course (386 Minutes of content)
    • Lesson 1: Understanding Prophetic Preparation
    • Lesson 2: Avoiding the Leg Breaking Experience
    • Lesson 3: Preparation of the Soul
    • Lesson 4: Templates and Triggers
    • Lesson 5: Inner Healing
    • Lesson 6: Building Spiritual Templates
    • Lesson 7: How to Minister Inner Healing
    • Lesson 8: The Process from Death to Resurrection
    • Lesson 9: The Categories of the Prophet
    • Lesson 10: Prophetic Training Phase 1: Brook Cherith
    • Lesson 11: Prophetic Training Phase 2: Zarephath
    • Lesson 12: Prophetic Training Phase 3: Carmel
    • Lesson 13: Prophetic Mentorship and Discipleship
    • Lesson 14: The Responsibility of Both Mentor and Disciple


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