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Prophetic Types

Prophetic Types

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Discover your prophetic type and your function as a prophet!

Join Apostle Colette Toach as she covers 10 prophetic types and which one you fit into. Taken from the Prophetic Mentorship Program, this teaching dives deep into prophets of the bible and how you share their process.

  1. Gideon: The Deliverance Prophet

  2. Nathan: The Builder

  3. Ezekiel: The Fire Bringer

  4. Miriam: The Worshipper

  5. Nehemiah: Prayer Wall Builder

  6. Elijah: The Prophetic Mentor

  7. Esther: The Marketplace Prophet

  8. Isaiah: The Inner Healing Prophet

  9. Deborah: Defender of the Weak

  10. Samuel: The Anointer of Kings

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