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Prophetic Warfare Student Manual

Prophetic Warfare Student Manual

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The structure of satan's kingdom lies before you!

The secret to turning the enemy's attack around for God's benefit, are here for you to discover. However, in order to use this information correctly, you will need direction and training.

Designed to help you change the world and to equip you to become the lethal operative God has called you to be, this manual will change your life for the better. In this manual you will find:

  • Instructions for tearing down the kingdom of darkness
  • Projects designed to train you in the art of warfare
  • Teachings that will show you how to wield the weapons of God's warfare
  • A clear guide to walking in the victory of Christ

It's time for you to take your place as a warrior on the battlefield, but first, you must know what weapons you have, and how to use them. This is what this manual will do - show you the who, what, when, and where, of the prophetic warrior.

Apostle Colette lays out clear examples, principles, and directions to take your training to the next level. Whether you want it to or not, the anointing on this manual will change you into a mighty warrior and an A-class operative who will set the captives free and tear apart the plans of the enemy!

What You Will Find in This Manual:

  • Manual (183 pages)
  • 14 Lessons Course (348 Minutes of content)
    • Lesson 1: Prophetic Warfare
    • Lesson 2: Satan's Battlefield
    • Lesson 3: How Satan Gains License Through You
    • Lesson 4: How Satan Gains License Through Others
    • Lesson 5: Our Position in Christ
    • Lesson 6: Taking Away Satan's Power
    • Lesson 7: Using the Word as a Weapon in Spiritual Warfare
    • Lesson 8: Strategies in Spiritual Warfare
    • Lesson 9: Using Every Aspect of Your Spiritual Armor
    • Lesson 10: How to Handle Demon Manifestations Correctly
    • Lesson 11: The Do's and Don'ts of Bringing Victory
    • Lesson 12: Prophetic Deception
    • Lesson 13: Avoiding Deception
    • Lesson 14: Picking up Your Sword Again
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