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Prophetic Warrior

Prophetic Warrior

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Pick up Your Sword Prophet!

In the heart of every prophet, lies a warrior. You are a David, that is ready to slay Goliath. A true warrior has no excuses as to why he cannot defeat his enemy. He is ready to take up the weapons of warfare that God has prepared for Him and to set the captives free and heal the brokenhearted.

So arm yourself and get ready to engage in a level of spiritual warfare you never have before.

Fearless and unafraid, you were called to set God's people free. Whether you are familiar with the concept of deliverance or not, recognize that this teaching is geared specifically towards prophets on how to deal with demonic bondage and curses. (To mention a few)

Recognize deception, understand and flow in the gift of discerning of spirits. Based on the word and well laid out, this book will arm you with confidence and help lead you to victory.

For those who are students in the AMI Prophetic School and Fivefold Ministry Campus, this is textbook 1 for the Prophetic Warfare course.

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