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Rise of the Prophetic Champions

Rise of the Prophetic Champions

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This is your call to war. A call for the Prophet and Apostle to align and build the Kingdom of God.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He trusted the alignment of apostles and prophets to establish the New Testament church. This book shows you how they worked together to get it done. Broken up into three parts you will learn.

  1. The model of apostolic and prophetic alignments

  2. How a prophet becomes a champion and uses their gifts to build the vision of the apostle

  3. How apostles identify which prophets to work with

Develop your battle strategies. Map out your route from foot-soldier to champion and from champion to Apostle. Find and lead your team of champions into battle. Discover what sword you have, lay it at your Apostle's feet, and build their pattern.

For the apostle, this book serves as a guide on how to work with prophets to build the kingdom of Heaven. For the prophet, it teaches you the standard that’s required of your character, abilities, and relationships. The Church still needs the strength of this alignment and God is arranging more of them every day. Be aligned with His plan.

Champion, your sword is proven in battle. It drips with the blood of demons. You've fought hard. Now God's called you to align with fellow warriors. To fall in line and become one of David's mighty men.

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