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The Staff of Moses

The Staff of Moses

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How Your Apostolic Call Relates to the Life of Moses

Moses was born to deliver a nation from slavery; not only from their oppressors but also from the chains over their minds and hearts. To be the great leader who delivered the 10 commandments, and led the Israelites to the Promised Land, he had to go through his journey first.

Following the life of Moses, you'll discover God's plan for your apostolic call. You'll confront the modern-day Pharaoh attacking the church. Learn to deliver God's people from bad doctrines, lukewarm Christianity, and much more. You'll also lead the people into the anointing and the promises of God. We'll speak about:

  • Your burning bush experience: The moment God calls you to the apostolic.

  • The 7 steps to complete your apostolic mandate.

  • How to hear God on the mountaintop for clear instructions and guidance.

  • How to raise leaders to carry on the work.

  • How to destroy a slavery mentality and lead Christians into fruitful thoughts and actions.

  • Your leadership training and process.

Apostolic leaders, church leadership, and pastors use this book to keep their ministries moving toward the Promised Land. Now it's your turn to work with God as Moses did.

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