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Strategies of War

Strategies of War

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Close the door to demonic attack FOREVER.

If you're wondering how satan is able to attack you, it's because he has license. This book reveals HOW. He wants you to think you're a victim but IT'S A BIG LIE. As you read, Apostle Colette Toach will teach you biblical truths about how satan gets authority to wreak havoc in your life. You'll also learn how to kick him out forever and be free from his toxic reach.

We'll be talking about...

  • How to break generational curses

  • How to tear down demonic strongholds

  • How break free from sin

  • How to walk in blessing

  • The difference between curses and spiritual warfare

  • How to deal with external attacks

  • And much more

The dual purpose of this book is to shatter the enemy's influence over your life and to restore God's blessing and supernatural favor to you. Every promise will come to pass. Every attack will be removed. Your mind will be clear. God's will for your life will be uninterrupted.

As soon as you pick up this book experience God's real plan for you.

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