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The 9 Prophetic Types

The 9 Prophetic Types

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We Defined Prophetic Types and Here’s Why

When you know who you are and what God wants you to do, you grow faster. We define 9 prophetic types so you identify your grace and mandate. By the end of this message, you’ll know what you have to give and where God blesses you.

The 9 Prophetic Types Covered in this Message

  • Ezekiel Type (evangelistic prophet)
  • Gideon Type (spiritual warfare prophet)
  • Nehemiah Type (intercessor)
  • Deborah Type (trainer)
  • Samuel Type (identify and place)
  • Nathan Type (pastoral prophet)
  • John Type (love and grace prophet)
  • Nathaniel Type (Trailblazer, Obedience emphasis)
  • Mariam Type (praise and worship)
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