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The Tree of Life - Your Secret to Healing

The Tree of Life - Your Secret to Healing

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Healthy is your new normal

God wants you to be healthy. He wants your body miraculously healed. And He created a way for us to have perfect health.

It’s called the Tree of Life.

We got so used to illness that we stopped praying for healing. But that’s not the life God intended for us to have. We don’t have to be sick at all when we eat from the Tree of Life and bring our body in line with our spirit. Apostle Colette Toach teaches you how to eat from this tree and how to never get sick again.

In this message, you will discover:

  • The secret to healing

  • How your body and spirit are connected

  • The tree of life

  • The five steps to healing

  • How powerful your spirit really is

Apostle Colette will share with you many pictures and scriptures to help you along this path to healing. So, come and join us in another foundation building message.

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