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The Way of Dreams and Visions

The Way of Dreams and Visions

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Discover the message in your dreams, and God's direction for your life.

What does your dream mean? How can you understand the valuable information God wants you to act on? Apostle Colette Toach answers these questions through scriptural backing and simple steps for dream interpretation.

After interpreting thousands of dreams, she discovered common symbols and patterns of how God speaks to us in our sleep. Dream interpretation gives us what we desire most: a strong relationship with God and clear instructions on how to obey Him.

Not only can you increase the prophetic dreams you have, but you can also learn to receive visions and hear from the Lord at any time. This book will equip you to:

  • Determine the meaning of your dream and how to act on it.

  • Have confidence in the future God prepared for you.

  • Interpret the dreams of others.

  • Identify if a dream is a demonic attack.

  • Tap into the realm of the Spirit via dreams and visions.

  • Minister through visions.

  • Develop an intimate and beautiful relationship with Jesus.

Used as a textbook by churches and bible schools internationally, this resource is guaranteed to train and equip you in the study of Christian dream interpretation.

CRAZY SIDE EFFECT: You'll learn a lot more about people than they know when they tell you their dreams. So, get ready for an insane amount of insight into people's lives.

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