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Today's Fivefold Office Series

Today's Fivefold Office Series

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The fivefold ministry... a gift from Jesus, to the church universal.

Each one of the Fivefold offices holds a unique postion, a special track that God has assigned them to. Without one, we become unbalanced. The Lord causes us to work together, where one is weak the other is strong, where one lacks the other fills in. It is a beautiful harmony that brings us together.

If you are here it means you are either looking for the call on your life, or you already know your calling, but there is still so much more to learn!
Well look no further! The answers you are looking for are right in front of you, you simply need to open the pages and look inside.

So what is it? What functions are you called to complete? What is the function of each of the offices of the fivefold? Does a prophet really only speak for God and wait around for the rest of the time? Is the evangelist's only function to heal people? What does an apostle do?

All of these questions are answered and much more as you go through each book of this series and Identify just how amazing of a gift Jesus left behind when He created the fivefold ministry.

Join in as Apostle Colette perfectly explains the role and function of each of the fivefold ministries and reveals how God created them to work together.

God has given you a call, now it is time to find your part to play in the church universal.

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