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Today's Prophet

Today's Prophet

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Pay very close attention to the separation of the Old Testament prophet and the New Testament prophet.

Since the time of John the Baptist, the prophetic movement has been thrust into a new era. An outstanding transition took place that birthed a new kind of prophet. Suddenly, every Christian could hear from God... So, what does a New Testament prophet do? What does this mean for your prophetic call?

That's where things get interesting...

In Today's Prophet, best-selling author, Colette Toach, teaches you the functions of a New Testament prophet. You'll discover everything God wants you to do and what He no longer requires of His prophets. You'll have a 100% clear picture of your identity as a prophet and your commission from God. Major points include:

  • The difference between Old and New Testament prophets. Why God brought the change and the 3 ways God spoke in the Old Testament.

  • How being prophetic is different to being a prophet.

  • What is a prophet in office and how can you recognize them?

  • The 11 functions of a prophet and how to perform each one.

A guide for prophets who want uncomplicated answers to what God wants them to do. A playbook for prophetic leaders who desire to be highly-effective ministers. Today's prophet is a book that will transform your life forever!

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