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Today's Teacher

Today's Teacher

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The Fivefold Ministry Office of the Teacher: The Ultimate Guide

Imagine a church where believers never battled with depression, consistently experienced God's love, and always fought the devil with faith. That's the power of the teacher office as they train with the Bible. Many successful teachers create environments, in which Christians naturally flow in the fruits and gifts of the Spirit. You can too.

In her experience with ministries around the world, Apostle Colette Toach noticed that true teachers carried an anointing able to pierce through mindsets. They were able to explain the gospel with brilliant accuracy. Yet, many battled with pride.

Let's Talk About the Function of The Teacher

This is an in-depth guide for every teacher in the body of Christ to navigate their journey and function. It's a manuscript for your process and how to teach the Word with life-saving power. Get ready to operate in your ministry grace beyond anything you've ever known.

Topics Discussed:

  • All the functions of the fivefold ministry teacher

  • Where teachers excel and the anointing they have to bring the church to maturity

  • The different types of teachers and how they express the Word of God

  • The teacher’s price and process

  • God’s hand on a teacher’s life and the sacrifice He asks them to make

  • 11 signs of the teacher calling

  • The difference between the fivefold ministry teacher and the gift of teaching

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