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What’s Your Prophetic Type? (Series)

What’s Your Prophetic Type? (Series)

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You already know you’re a prophet, but what type of prophet are you?

Find which biblical prophet God made you like. Listen to the signs and determine for yourself. This is the most informative teaching on prophetic types and offers the clearest direction on how to identify your type.

You want to know who your are, we want to give you your identity.

Messages in This Series Include

  1. Gideon: The Deliverance Prophet

  2. Nathan: The House Prophet

  3. Ezekiel: The Evangelistic Prophet

  4. Miriam: The Worshipper

  5. Nehemiah: The Intercessor

  6. Elijah: The Prophetic Mentor

  7. Esther: The Marketplace Prophet

  8. Isaiah: The Inner Healing Prophet

  9. Samuel: The Apostolic Prophet

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