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Your Prophetic Mandate

Your Prophetic Mandate

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What is your prophetic mandate?

Your prophetic type determines which job God gives you in the church. In this series you learn everything that’s included in your prophetic mandate and how to get the job done with excellence.

Messages in This Series Include

  1. Nathan: Mandate to the Local Church

  2. The Gideon Mandate: The Prophet Called to Spiritual Warfare

  3. The Ezekiel Mandate: The Prophet Commissioned to Spiritual Birthing

  4. The Miriam Mandate: The Prophet Anointed to Worship

  5. The Nehemiah Mandate: The Prophet Elected to Build a Prayer Wall

  6. The Elijah Mandate: Processed to Mentor the Prophets

  7. The Esther Mandate: The Prophet Mandated to the Marketplace

  8. The Isaiah Mandate: Gifted to Heal the Broken Hearted

  9. The Samuel Mandate: Appointed to Anoint and Coach Future Kings

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